Slurrpy goodness.

Super slow-cooked Kodawari onsen eggs delivered to your doorstep

The ultimate egg experience delivered to you

A posh.egg is cooked super super slowly at temperatures natural to the onsen hot springs in Japan. Centuries ago, holiday-makers realised that if they sneaked a couple of eggs into their day-long hot springs soaks, the constant mild temperature of the hot springs would cook the eggs to perfection, producing egg whites which are the same silky smooth texture as the yolks.

Every posh.egg is made using only the finest Kodawari eggs, and comes with our secret homemade dashi soy sauce (tsuyu).

This is what we at Posh Egg aim to recreate. While you may not be able to soak in an onsen at the moment, you can certainly slurrp down a bowl of delicious goodness, just like what the holiday-makers used to do at the onsens!

Returns & refunds policy - in the event the product youve received is not to the quality of your satisfaction, any request for returns or refunds should be made within 5 days from the time of receipt of your delivery, via email or phone contacts listed. 

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BFM 89.9

"Making slurping eggs posh! Protein packed & convenient! Cant get better than this💕"

Talitha @talimakan

"Lives up to its claim of being single textured and slurpable!"

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10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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